Sunday, September 13, 2015

Welcome! Bienvenue!

Welcome to Mme.Watanabe FSL ( French as a second language) & Japanese class.

Bonjour everyone!

I am so excited to have you all in my class, and I'm looking forward to a happy and productive school year!
This is the first time for me to use the blog site. I will do my best to update the site once a week. If you have any suggestions and questions, please let me know anytime. 

Merci beaucoup.

First week:

  • Bring your coloring materials with your French duo-tang in the class.
  • Get your parents' or guardian's signature on your French class contract.
  • Complete the student information sheet by the next class.
  • French and Japanese class outline
  •                     Putumayo Presents: French Café

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